Italian Bio Agribusiness has everything that it needs to generate wealth


Which are the reasons why today the consumption of “Bio” food increased although the premium price and the general crisis? And why it is photographed, narrated, contaminated with other industries, such as fashion and tourism? And why his presence in the media (on TV, in newspapers, on the web…) as in country fairs has become almost cumbersome?

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Guidelines for debate on waste in the supply chain processes

Alta-Mora Bio
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After a lifetime spent to study and share one of the most complex manufacturing and creative processes in the industry sector, such as textiles it is, that allow to transfer  “style concepts” in what then becomes a tangible product of clothing, that the whole world recognizes us as unique, makes me to do the same consideration: product so unique, but sometimes almost unreachable for the prohibitive cost! Continue reading

The value of BIO food is priceless. But this added value can slowly be washed away by too many changing hands or can suddenly disappear falling into the wrong hands

Passaggi di mano
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In our opinion we should start thinking about BIO food economy less in terms of supply chain and more as a network – namely the web – centered on sustainable consumption. Continue reading